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Naked Holidays Returns for its 5th Anniversary!

Attention lovers of non-traditional holiday mischief and merriment: EndTimes Productions presents the 5th Annual NAKED HOLIDAYS beginning December 8th at Roy Arias Stage 4 in the Times Square Arts Center. To celebrate its 5th anniversary, the 2011 edition will offer some of the best of its past seasons, plus more singing, more dancing, and more naked

EndTimes Productions Presents The 5th Annual


This “Best Of” Edition Moves to Midtown

December 8 – 31
Times Square Arts Center

NAKED HOLIDAYS is a darkly comic Yuletide bacchanalia, a gleeful pageant

filled with indulgent tidings which climaxes in a scantily clad routine that looks a lot like Christmas. This boisterous holiday celebration puts a theatrical spin on some of our best-loved winter traditions. Highlights include:

  • “The Annihilator” by Steve Strangio, about X-mas at a professional wrestler’s house.
  • “Dead-Nosed” by Oliver Thrun, in which Santa’s reindeer plot the assassination of Rudolph.  A Samuel French short play festival finalist.
  • “Fear the Nog” by Rebecca Jane Stokes, The North Pole meets Orwell’s 1984 with Santa as Big Brother.
  • “A Very Special Hanukkah Special Hanukkah” by Mark Harvey Levine, a Jewish-themed spoof of It’s A Wonderful Life.
  • “The Naked People Play” by Stacy Lane, the traditional Naked Holidays closer.
  • “Rudnick the Candle-Headed Boy” , by Brad McEntire, A Brief and Cheeky Retelling of a Certain Reindeer Myth

NAKED HOLIDAYS is directed by Russell Dobular, Matthew Kreiner, Melinda Prom, Robert Gonyo and Leal Vona. The production team includes Serena Miller (musical director), Tiffany Herriott (choreography), Chris Johnston & Sarah Pencheff (costume design), and Stefan Bensaid (sound design).

NAKED HOLIDAYS stars Alex Dunbar, Leal Vona, Chris Lazzaro, Ian Schultz, Pedro Rezende, Matthew Glogowski, Chris Johnston, Michael Carbonne, Sarah Schoofs, Alinca Hamilton, Sarah Skeist, Veronica Rodell, Samantha Cooper, Sarah Pencheff, Hannah Stone, Paty Zeccola, Grayson Brannen, Serena Miller, Kara Addington.


NAKED HOLIDAYS runs December 8-10, 15-17, 19-22, & 27-30 at 8pm and December 11 & 18 at 7pm. Roy Arias Stage 4 is located inside the Times Square Arts Center at 300 West 43rd Street (at 8th Avenue, 4th Floor). Tickets are cialis for sale $47.50, available at 212-352-3101 or

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4 Comments on "Naked Holidays 2011"

  1. Russell Dobular, Leal Vona, and Matthew Kreiner of End Times Productions’ “Naked Holidays” | Go See a Show! on Thu, 1st Dec 2011 9:52 am 

    […] Dobular, Leal Vona, and Matthew Kreiner, the creative and administrative mad geniuses behind End Times Productions’ annual “family show” (listen in to see what we […]

  2. Katie and Tim on Tue, 27th Dec 2011 3:20 pm 

    Bravo! loved the show, you all seemed to be having such fun (and in your birthday suits) ;). we came from england just to spend a few days in NYC christmas shopping and found your show. We loved all the skits but our favourites were the naked people play and the first noel. Talking afterwards we thought that a simple adjustment could make the first noel better. The white underwear was visible behind the stuffed toys and this broke the illusion somewhat. If they had none on and just held the stuffed toys in front of them it would have done the same job but made it a lot more risque and for a fun end they all turn around and give a cheeky salute with the letters spelling first noel on their bum cheeks, 😉 All in all a fantastic show!

    Katie and Tim XXX

  3. Daniel Guyton on Tue, 27th Dec 2011 3:40 pm 

    Can you add me to a mailing list? I would love to submit a Christmas play to next year’s naked holidays! I’ve got several wacky Christmas plays that would probably fit right in with you guys!

  4. sal coppol on Thu, 29th Dec 2011 2:33 pm 

    WOW!!! WOW!! Naked Holiday !! This was a great show. Bravo to the the entire cast and to the producers.. I brought 2 other couples with me to see this show, and they Loved it.. All the skits were great, and we could not stop laughing. The one that we really enjoyed was the naked people play for obvious reasons. A show that finally had BEAUTIFUL women in their birthday suit UP CLOSE and personal for a straight (not gay) guy to enjoy. On the other hand, My wife enjoy the nude males on stage as well. The show had something for both of us, unlike most of the plays in NYC that feature naked men only which cater to gays and straight women. I wish there were more shows like this one. How about a “NAKED GIRLS SINGING” show. As everyone knows, SEX SELLS. This would be one way to get straight guys off the couch and to Broadway, or Off Broadway. I cant stop talking about your show to all my friends and family. It was funny and energetic with plenty of eye candy for all to enjoy. YOU have made my new year a Happy New Year. Please email me with future shows like this one.. I loved it.

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