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Naked Holidays 2011:

“Honest and courageous, Naked Holidays steps outside the Disney-filled Christmas box by offering something entertaining, raw, and audaciously clever. This excitingly raunchy, provocative show will become more of a holiday tradition than egg nog and mistletoe.”

“. . . it is more overtly titillating and ironic than American Apparel’s best efforts, but the Naked Holidays company is also having as much genuine fun as a bunch of naked people can have together without mistletoe and a fishbowl. There’s nothing sexier than confidence and unfettered joy, and Naked Holidays comes decked in both. Bacchus bless us, everyone.”

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BWW Reviews: ‘NAKED HOLIDAYS’ Rises to the Occasion

Naked Holidays – Review


“. . . a compelling piece of theater”
– simplythebess

Naked Holidays 2010:

” . . . the company encourages us to grab another drink from the theatre bar, loosen up and have a kick-ass time.”
– Micheal Dale,

” . . . drunken revelry is exactly what this show is meant to be . . . jam-packed with cheap jokes and cheap thrills.”
– Anthony Johnston,

Naked Holidays NYC 2009:

“ . . . far better than others with similarly provocative titles . . . a skit involving Christmas at a professional wrestler’s house may be the funniest of the year.”
– Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

Manson the Musical:

“ . . . as absurd, senseless, and unabashed as the subject material itself and, as such, it works beautifully.”
– Andrew Turner,

“ . . . you can’t help but let . . . a grin emerge on your face, in spite of the original horrific accounts. “
– Elizabeth Murphy, Ain’t It Cool New York.Com

“Director Russell Dobular has braved the strangeness of these characters to create a highly energized, balanced portrayal. The cast is multi-talented . . . pleasantly white trash.”
– Ed Malin,

The Godling:

“Top of the 2009 crop . . . creepy-sexy and dependably weird . . . As Fringe shows go this is a veritable bear on a trike.”
– Robert Avilla, SF Bay Guardian

Vignettes for the Apocalypse 2009:

“Pushing theater to the edge fearlessly, and perhaps even wantonly . . .Unlike anything else that’s playing on stage in New York at the moment.”
– Martin Denton,

Angel Shit:

“Endtimes Productions hits with this piece . . . (Ian Allen’s) sense of humor is sick, and disturbing, and I loved it . . . the funniest play I’ve seen this year”
– Richard Hinojosa,


“(Knuckleball) is the best dramatic work I’ve seen at any Fringe . . . sharply directed . . . lit up by fine, gutsy, focused performances, that grip from the first, and don’t let go”
– Robert Avilla, The San Francisco Bay Guardian
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