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EndTimes Productions Presents 6th




Limited Off-Broadway Engagement begins November 30

Tickets available on:

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(Click the Logo to go to the site)

After a wildly successful transfer to Off-Broadway last holiday season EndTimes Productions returns to Times Square with the 6th Annual NAKED HOLIDAYS. Previews of this flesh-filled evening of non-traditional holiday mischief, music and merriment begins November 30th at Roy Arias Stage 4 in the Times Square Arts Center. Opening night is slated for December 7th!

NAKED HOLIDAYS is a darkly comic Yuletide bacchanalia of theater, music and burlesque. This boisterous holiday celebration puts a bawdy spin on some of our best-loved winter traditions.

Highlights include:


A man who’s been bitten by a Weredeer is doomed to become one on Christmas Eve.


How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Holidays

The War on Christmas is here and the FOX newsroom is the final holdout against the anti-Christmas forces.
• The Worst Jews In the World: A Christmas-loving Jewish couple is convinced that they’re the world’s worst Jews.  But history proves

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them wrong.

Dad Came Out This Christmas

A father makes the Yuletides gay.


The Big Toy Chest

Six sexy, wayward elves are imprisoned by a sadistic warden. What will they do to break out of The Big Toy Chest?


The Naked People Play

The traditional full-monty Naked Holidays closer.


NAKED HOLIDAYS is written by Russell Dobular, Leal Vona, and the Naked Holidays Ensemble. It is directed by Russell Dobular and Leal Vona, with a production team that includes Serena Miller (musical director), Tiffany Herrioett (choreographer), Chris Johnston and Sarah Pencheff (costumes), Cindy Shumsey (lighting), Leal Vona (set) and Elizabeth Dapo (puppets).

NAKED HOLIDAYS stars Jarrod Bates, Matthew Glowgowski, Jesse Gabriel, Chris Johnston, Leal Vona, Dave Chura, Chris Lazarro, Kelly Riley, Erika Lee, Alesandra Nahodil, Meridith Szalay, Lacy Allen, Sarah Schoofs, Samantha Cooper, Sarah Pencheff, Lee’at Bruhl, Serena Miller, Alinca Hamilton, Kara Addington, Rebecca Perlman, Robert Gonyo.

Tickets available on:

(Click the Logo to go to the site)

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Censorship and the Left

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When the left (or the right), get excorsized about a movie, an image, an article, a phrase, a talk radio host, etc., it’s always hard to sort out the genuine outrage from the fundraising opportunism, but we can safely assume that there are a fair number of people who really do want to limit the ways in which human behavior is represented in art and media.  In a week in which we’ve seen the Muslim world explode over a super low-budget Youtube video portraying Mohammed as a womanizing con artist, we now have several women’s advocacy groups asking Conde Nast to pull its latest French Vogue cover, which portrays a man either caressing a woman’s neck, or choking her, depending on who you ask.

This is just the latest in a long series of protests from women’s rights groups against media depictions of human sexuality that don’t conform to feminist doctrine.  Let me just make clear, before I wade into this field of landmines, I would consider myself a feminist by every meaningful measure.  I believe that every person, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religious belief and race should have equal opportunities, equal pay for equal work, and so on.  But I’m also an artist, and as such I have an interest in the messy parts of human behavior, and nowhere is human behavior more messy, mysterious, and resistant to political indoctrination, than in the area of how people express their sexuality.  The effort to limit the portrayal of sexual relationships involving women to those that reflect feminist principles is quixotic at best and censorship at worst.  Going to the example of the picture in question, if you’ve had any sex in your life, you’ve probably found yourself in a similar pose spontaneously, at one time or another.  In fact, I’d be surprised if most of the people protesting this photo hadn’t been.  There’s something a little Stalinist about pretending that that part of human sexuality doesn’t exist, and that we should suppress all representations of it, especially at a time when 50 Shades of Grey is sitting on the nightstands of soccer moms all over the country.

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Vignettes for the Apocalypse 6! The Mayan Countdown Edition

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Serling Awards 2012 Winners


Best Drama Production: Epicenter
Best Drama Script: Meat
Best Actor Drama: James Weirich (Meat)
Best Actress Drama: Erica Lee (Meat)
Best Supporting Actress Drama: Kathleen Kenning (The Right To Remain Violent)


Best Comedy Production: Pseudonym
Best Comedy Script: Pseudonym
Best Actor Comedy: Kevin Paul Smith (One, Zero)
Best Supporting Actor Comedy: Dan Stern (Vampire Reunion) Best Actress
Best Supporting Actress Comedy: Serena Miller (Pseudonym)
Comedy: Kara Addington (In Conclusion)

Honorary Awards

Best Zombie: Mary Flannigan
Best Cameo: Jeremy Pape
Lifetime Achievement: Serena Miller
Most Valuable Person: Carl Feaster


Vignettes Is Upon Us!

End Times Productions Presents its 6th Annual

Summer Sci-Fi Horror Play Festival


September 19- September 30

At the 133rd Street Arts Center

“Pushing theater to the edge fearlessly and perhaps even wantonly…

…Unlike anything else that’s playing on stage in New York at the moment”

— Martin Denton,

EndTimes Productions will present VIGNETTES FOR THE APOCALYPSE VI: The Mayan Countdown Edition, the 6th annual edition of New York’s oldest and largest Sci-fi/Horror themed theater festival, beginning September 19th at EndTimes’ new home base, the 133rd Street Arts Center. This year, the festival boasts 15 short plays and 2 full-length productions presented in 5 evening-length programs, curated by Russell Dobular. VFTA will premiere new works by Will Arbery, Frank J. Avella, Tom Baum, Michael Carbonne, Karl Capek (adapted by Nigel Playfair, Matthew Kreiner, and Paul Selver), Gavin Davis, Russell Dobular, Ari Frenkel,Tyler Grimes, Jae Kremisen, Rory Leahy, Andrew Marcus, Duncan Pflaster, Bill Winegardner.

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MANSON the Musical: Back Again for the Very 3rd Time!

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Manson the Musical

Annoyance Theater’s

EVERY SUNDAY Starting January 23 at The Ace of Clubs

9 Great Jones Street
(between Broadway and Lafayette)
Under ACME Restaurant

Tickets $20/$15 (for students)

I went in prepared to hate it, ready to use every adjective in the book to slam their insensitivity, their cruelty — and walked out amazed at what they’d done with a story that, on its own merits, was already so far over the top it couldn’t be improved by satire. Playing it straight was satire.– Chicago Sun-Times

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Naked Holidays 2010 – 4th Annual!

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EndTimes Productions Presents: The 4th Annual


December 10 – 30
The Ace of Clubs

9 Great Jones St., New York, NY 10012

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Vignettes for the Apocalypse – 2010

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2010 Serling Award Winners Announced!

April 7th – 18nd 2010
at The Red Room Theater
85 East 4th Street, NYC 10003

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Following hot on the heels of their hits, Naked Holidays  NYC, and Manson the Musical,  EndTimes Productions is pleased to announce their 4th Annual one-act festival: Vignettes for the Apocalypse 2010, a collection of twenty one-act plays, dealing with dystopian, futuristic, and apocalyptic themes. Read more

Naked Holidays 2009

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EndTimes Productions Presents

Naked Holidays NYC ’09 – Fear of a Black Santa @ Ace Of Clubs

December 2nd – December 20th 2009

Naked Holidays ’09 at the EndTimes @ Ace of Clubs
9 Great Jones Street, NYC 10012

New York – More singing!  More dancing!  More naked!   For all the non-traditional purveyors of holiday mischief and merriment, let nothing dismay you this holiday season.  EndTimes Productions will present the Third Annual Naked Holidays NYC this December, a gleeful pageant filled with indulgent tidings.

Buy Tickets Online!

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MANSON: The Musical

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Manson the Musical

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Hit Chicago Cult Musical Makes NYC Premiere
Annoyance Theater’s

October 25 – December 5 at The Kraine Theater

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the Tate-LaBianca murders, EndTimes Productions present the long-awaited New York Premiere of MANSON: THE MUSICAL! A long-running 1990’s cult hit in Chicago, this dark musical comedy about Charles Manson features music, book and lyrics developed through improv by the members of Annoyance Theater (including The Office’s Kate Flannery). This revolutionary “Family” musical features guest appearances by The Beatles, Sharon Tate, The Beach Boys and more. Directed by Russell Dobular, previews begin October 25th with opening night set for November 8th.

“I went in prepared to hate it, ready to use every adjective in the book to slam their insensitivity, their cruelty — and walked out amazed at what they’d done with a story that, on its own merits, was already so far over the top it couldn’t be improved by satire. Playing it straight was satire.” — Chicago Sun-Times

“Director Russell Dobular has braved the strangeness of these characters to create a highly energized, balanced portrayal. The cast is multi-talented . . . pleasantly white trash.” — Ed Malin,

Buy Tickets Online!

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The League of Extraordinary Thespians – Part I

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Dear Endtimers,

Leah celebrating suburban living in the manner of her people.

Leah celebrating suburban living in the manner of her people.

As promised I will now impart to you the tale of our fateful journey to the lands surrounding that magnificent bay, with it’s clear, icy waters, populated by fantastical creatures of the depths, and rounded on all sides by hills, and mountains, upon which the inhabitants have built the most spectacular, and unlikely city.  Be forewarned gentle reader that within this idyllic, and paradisiacal setting, lurk things so strange, and terrifying, that were one who is faint of heart, or overly steeped in the mundane boundaries of that material stuff spoken of by the blessed ignorant as the real, to read my tale, the descent of raving madness that must follow, would be a kind of merciful escape from contemplation of the horrors contained herein.  Continue only if you are, like myself, a fellow traveler in the worlds of the strange, and fantastic, so that the revelations contained here will seem no more threatening, or unlikely to you than your own mother’s milk, suckled from that bountiful breast of unique and peculiar knowledge that is the main sustenance for our kind.  Gentle reader, you have been warned, and should you continue onward to the main portion of my narrative, remember that I have been your true, and honest friend, with only your best interests in mind.

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'Godling' Delivered to the Bay Area

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SF Fringe 2009 Award Winners: Sold Out award, Best Ensemble, and Best Director (Russell Dobular).


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“Pushing Theatre to the edge fearlessly and perhaps even wantonly … unlike anything else that’s playing on stage in New York at the moment.” – Martin Denton,

The dark and twisted sensation from the 2009 Vignettes for the Apocalypse, “The Godling” opens to new audiences at the San Francisco Fringe Festival this September.  EndTimes returns to the Fringe after winning the Best Drama and Best Production with ‘Knuckleball’ in 2008, this time offering a canadian online pharmacy post-apocalyptic circus drama that will

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push your limits.

A pregnant girl, a clown and a torturer get caught up in a mad carnival owner’s dream of manufacturing his own freaks.  Written by Mark Borkowski and directed by Russell

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Dobular boasts a strong ensemble cast featuring Leal Vona, Leah Dashe, Marek Sapieyeveski, Paul Krasner, and Candace Janee.

For our New York audiences, EndTimes will be previewing the

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updated production of ‘The Godling’ at the Kraine Theatre (85 E. 4th Street) on Sunday, September 6th, 2009 at 8:00pm.

For more information and tickets, visits the San Francisco Fringe Festival website!

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”  - J. Robert Oppenheimer - (quoting the Bhagavad Gita)

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