The League of Extraordinary Thespians – Part I

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Dear Endtimers,

Leah celebrating suburban living in the manner of her people.

Leah celebrating suburban living in the manner of her people.

As promised I will now impart to you the tale of our fateful journey to the lands surrounding that magnificent bay, with it’s clear, icy waters, populated by fantastical creatures of the depths, and rounded on all sides by hills, and mountains, upon which the inhabitants have built the most spectacular, and unlikely city.  Be forewarned gentle reader that within this idyllic, and paradisiacal setting, lurk things so strange, and terrifying, that were one who is faint of heart, or overly steeped in the mundane boundaries of that material stuff spoken of by the blessed ignorant as the real, to read my tale, the descent of raving madness that must follow, would be a kind of merciful escape from contemplation of the horrors contained herein.  Continue only if you are, like myself, a fellow traveler in the worlds of the strange, and fantastic, so that the revelations contained here will seem no more threatening, or unlikely to you than your own mother’s milk, suckled from that bountiful breast of unique and peculiar knowledge that is the main sustenance for our kind.  Gentle reader, you have been warned, and should you continue onward to the main portion of my narrative, remember that I have been your true, and honest friend, with only your best interests in mind.

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'Godling' Delivered to the Bay Area

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SF Fringe 2009 Award Winners: Sold Out award, Best Ensemble, and Best Director (Russell Dobular).


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“Pushing Theatre to the edge fearlessly and perhaps even wantonly … unlike anything else that’s playing on stage in New York at the moment.” – Martin Denton,

The dark and twisted sensation from the 2009 Vignettes for the Apocalypse, “The Godling” opens to new audiences at the San Francisco Fringe Festival this September.  EndTimes returns to the Fringe after winning the Best Drama and Best Production with ‘Knuckleball’ in 2008, this time offering a canadian online pharmacy post-apocalyptic circus drama that will

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push your limits.

A pregnant girl, a clown and a torturer get caught up in a mad carnival owner’s dream of manufacturing his own freaks.  Written by Mark Borkowski and directed by Russell

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Dobular boasts a strong ensemble cast featuring Leal Vona, Leah Dashe, Marek Sapieyeveski, Paul Krasner, and Candace Janee.

For our New York audiences, EndTimes will be previewing the

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updated production of ‘The Godling’ at the Kraine Theatre (85 E. 4th Street) on Sunday, September 6th, 2009 at 8:00pm.

For more information and tickets, visits the San Francisco Fringe Festival website!

'Knuckleball' is a Home Run in Edinburgh

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“…a breathtaking performance.”

The darling of the San Francisco Fringe Festival, Knuckleball has made its viagra canadian pharmacy Edinburgh debut.  Blessed with outstanding audience reviews, the play by

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William Whitehurst has riveted audiences at this year’s festival.

EndTimes’ first international production, Knuckleball is the story of two lovers share

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their history with one another only to uncover shocking truths that rock their relationship at its core.

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“You see, that’s really what’s going to happen to the Earth. We’re going to have tidal waves. We’re going to have earthquakes. That’s coming. because we don’t consider this land as our Mother.”  - Guboo Thomas - Aboriginal Elder

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